Thursday, October 14, 2010

Missy Smith For Congress (DC Residents Take Note!!)

Missy Smith, my friend, fellow Catholic and pro-life activist, is the Republican candidate for US Congress from Washington DC.  She is attempting to unseat Eleanor Holmes Norton, who votes consistently for the murder of tiny babies. 

Part of her campaign is the education of voters, both DC and beyond, of the ramification of abortion - the utter violence done to the helpless child.  I'll post these below.  As Father Pavone says, "America will not end abortion until it sees abortion."

Please visit the campaign website to read her story and to donate.  These ads will air during prime time and the accomplishment of this is expensive.  DC residents!  Vote for her!

Click the "read more" to see the ads and a letter from Missy.
(Click here and here if you can't see embedded video)

Now follows the letter from Missy

Dear Pro-life Friends,

I am thrilled to tell you that we have received over $10,000 for our Pro-Life Campaign ads! These ads show aborted babies, and will be seen by hundreds of thousands of people – perhaps millions – in the Washington DC area. 
They will begin running early next week on EVERY Washington DC TV station on their local news. They will also run on David Letterman, Jon Stewart, Steven Colbert, and various shows on MTV, BET, and Comedy Central. See ads at www.MissySmith2010.comWe will run these ads – every day if we can until November 2 – as long as the funds come in to do so. Babies will be saved; the debate will rage!

For $32 I can run these 30 second ads on MTV; for $60, I can run them on BET; for
$52 I can run an ad on the Comedy Channel. We are targeting these stations because so many young people – who may be tempted to kill their babies – are watching.

 We are spending larger sums – sometimes over $1000 per ad – for news stations, and David Letterman, because so many people are watching…maybe even Obama and Nancy Pelosi!

I have had numerous phone calls from around the country from men and women who have been brought to tears after watching my ads. 
These ads show beyond a doubt that abortion is murder and the exploitation of women. I personally live with this horror everyday of my life. Almost fifty percent of all women, by the time they are 45 years old, have had at least one abortion.  That means all of us -- all of us -- have been touched by the killing of our most innocent brothers and sisters – our babies, our grandchildren, our siblings, our cousins, our nieces and nephews…the death toll is incomprehensible.

I asked God many years ago to be His instrument to prevent babies from being murdered, and to keep other women from being destroyed by killing their babies. God doesn't take our offers lightly. Before I knew it I was a full time pro-life activist involved in every aspect of this life and death struggle.

And now – as a part of God hearing my prayer – I am running for Congress here in Washington D.C. against a baby-killing, same-sex-marriage incumbent, big government spender, Eleanor Holmes Norton, just so I can run these ads on huge TV stations here in DC.  I urge you to go right now to the website and see for yourself what I am talking about.

This is an unprecedented effort since Roe vs. Wade was passed.  All pro-life warriors have complained bitterly about a media black out, where the general public has not seen what abortion really is.  Now we have the chance to change all that.  

You can be a part of making history.  But you must rise and strike NOW! Go to and see the ads, and make a contribution to run them on TV.

I need you to give whatever you can, and to forward this letter to your email friends and lists; I need you to post this letter on your blog, or your news service, and mention it over and over again until hundreds of thousands of people know about these ads, showing the truth.  Each and everyone of you have a responsibility to get behind these ads.
For those who are worried about their tax-exempt status, they can ask people to go to my site to see the ads. They do not have to endorse me, or ask people to give me money, but as a part of their "educational efforts," they can suggest people watch the ads.
Let’s get conversation going on making abortion illegal again! 

Look what is happening in Colorado with the Personhood Amendment! They were the first to make abortion legal and now they will be the first to recognize a life is a life no matter how small!  Remember more ads more babies saved and more conversation about the gravest evil in the world.
Drive people to my website and the ads...make a mother and child's day! is where to go!

Your humble servant,
Missy Reilly Smith


  1. I never seen such a horrific disregard for people as this commercial. Most people can 'visualize' that a baby is dead without seeing these pictures.

    As a pro-choice individual, you make no impression on me to change my views but only break my heart at the privacy of the families of these babies and the babies themselves!

    Your 'shock' value is not going to work. You just look like extremists using these images. Shame on you!

  2. Anonymous, you are wrong on several points. First, many people truly are unaware of the true brutal nature of abortion. They are told by public school teachers and mass media that the child is "just a clump of cells" or some other innocuous-sounding euphamism. Many of these people, once they see the truth, horrific as it inherently is, realize that they cannot support such barbarism that hides under the guise of "choice".
    As far as "horrific disregard for people", that is a hallmark of the pro-choice crowd. It is they who engage in truly horrific disregard of the 3300 babies who are thus slaughtered every day in this country. It is they who engage in disregard of the many women who are coerced into abortions by callous partners, parents, you-name-it. Don't tell me that doesn't happen! I see it every week in front of the abortuaries!
    As far as "privacy", those babies' bodies were recovered from dumpsters. Where was the concern for "privacy" when they were literally treated as garbage? By the way - these babies were given decent Christian burials by the people who found them; it is they who showed the babies respect and dignity.
    "Your heart is broken"? By what? The plight of the babies? Or is your conscience rebelling at the sight of the fruits of your pro-choice philosophy?
    I am glad that you and your fellow pro-abortion proponents are uncomfortable. No one in their right mind can be "comfortable" when such callous butchery is being perpetrated in their midst. As long as this evil is present, we will be proclaiming the truth. That is that.

  3. No matter one's views on abortion, I am disgusted that you would inflict images of bloody dead people on broadcast television at 4pm in the afternoon when children may see them. Rape and murder are also a problem but politicians shouldn't be showing police crime scene photos to get elected. Congrats on the PR controversy - you got your 15 minutes of fame - but at the expense of civil discourse. This commerical brands you Catholic Jihaadists. Shame on you.

  4. Actually, Anon of 4:12pm, shame on you, since it's clear that your conscience is stung and that you're engaging in a "shoot the messenger" strategum. You say "rape and (some) murder are problems", but these problems aren't condoned by the legal system nor by society at large, as is the legalized baby-murder known as abortion. Are people shocked and disgusted? They should be - but the object of horror must be the reality behind the pictures and ads. As far as "civil discourse" goes, there are far more higher values than "civil discourse" - such as innocent life and truth. The real "jihadists" are the abortionists and all their supporters/enablers who have turned the wombs of mothers into murder chambers. I challenge you, and all like you with this. If you don't like the pictures and ads, then work with everything you have to eliminate the actual horror of abortion. As it is, right now your "disgust" is as phony as crocodile tears. I will comment on one piece of honesty in your post. You do refer to the babies as "people". Now work to keep them from being butchered.

  5. I do love me a good abortion sundae with a little baby skull as the cherry!

  6. Ladies and gentlemen, I published the comment from 2:02am so that you can see the stultifying effect that the pro-choice position can have on the human brain. One wonders what his/her reaction would be if he/she were to tour the Holocaust Museum and see other human suffering. The embrace of abortion will ultimately lead to barbarism as displayed above.


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