Friday, October 15, 2010

Public Square Rosary Crusade - Tomorrow In Silver Spring, MD

All across the nation, America Needs Fatima is sponsoring Rosary Rallies to be held tomorrow, Saturday October 16th, at noon.  One such rally will occur in Silver Spring Maryland - in front of 1400 Spring Street, which houses a Planned Parenhood abortion mill.

Here is a map of the location.  From the Capital Beltway, take the Georgia Avenue exit south towards Washington.  After the 16th Street turn-off to the right (stay on Georgia Ave), you'll soon see a park on your right.  At that intersection is Spring Street.  Turn right.  There is public parking on the street.  If the spaces are taken, ask other people praying to direct you to the public parking garage, only two blocks away.

Pray the Rosary!

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