Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sister Carol Keehan - "Top Health Care Leader"?

The Worldwide Vincentian Family posted an article about Sister Carol Keehan (who sold out to Obamacare for the Pen of Perfidy) being named by "Modern Healthcare" as "Top Health Care Leader".  Of course she's painted in a wondrous light.  Check out the comments; most of them are pathetic, as they demonstrate the cluelessness of so many professed clergy and religious.  I posted this in the comment section.

Congratulations? For what? Selling untold numbers of unborn children and vulnerable elderly down the river, hiding behind “executive orders” that everyone with common sense knows are made of vapor? For what? Governmental $$$ for the CHA? A cheesy pen?? The REAL evaluation will come at the end of your life, as it will for us all. Someone else just urged you to “blaze on”; I hope that’s not too prophetic!

It is "awaiting moderation" so it may not see the light of day.  Visit that site, though, and leave them your own thoughts!

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