Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Softer Tone?

Some gay activists are "excited" about what they perceive as a "softer tone" in the Church when it comes to gay lifestyles.  To be certain, Cardinals Dolan and Wuerl seem to be falling all over themselves, almost apologizing for the need to exercise the First Spiritual Work of Mercy, that is, "Rebuke the sinner".

Cardinal Dolan opined "we gotta do better to see that our defense is not reduced to an attack on gay people.  And I admit we haven't been too good at that.  We try our darndest to make sure we're not an anti-anybody".  Dolan confuses perception with reality.  In this case, the "perception" is deliberately feigned, with the most recent example being that of the witch-hunt being conducted against Father Greg Shaffer at GW.  Would any sane person say that the Church is "anti-alcoholic" when its priests preach of the evil of drunkedness?  It is precisely because the Church loves the sinner that she speaks so vehemently against the sin that threatens to cast that sinner into hell for all eternity (and there is "softer tone" in hell!).  The Church wants to bring that person to repentance, conversion and everlasting life.

Now on the surface it appears that Cardinal Wuerl may have had an epiphany.  He stated in a recent Fox interview (starting at 8:00)  that gays fall into the same category as those who have divorced and remarried, a situation that normally precludes them from receiving Holy Communion.  On the surface, that appears to be a stark improvement from the chancery's attitude towards Father Marcel Guarnizo last year.  But wait!  Where does this "normally" come from?  If any Catholic in those situations receives Holy Communion, they commit a mortal sin of sacrilege.  And there is no "participation in the life of the Church" unless they leave behind that sinful lifestyle, for that sin will preclude the presence of sanctifying grace, the basis for "life of the Church".


  1. VIDEO - Kevin Annett: Pope Francis, Queen Elizabeth arrest warrants; USA Bishop breaks with Vatican -

    See: Global Reclamation Campaign is Launched as Catholic Bishops begin Breaking Ranks – “Existing authority is replaced now by the People” -

  2. I recommend that anyone who is concerned with the sex abuse crisis in the Church and/or sodomite so-called marriage (aka the latest social engineering effort by the regime) should read The Rite Of Sodomy: Homosexuality and the Roman Catholic Church by Randy Engel. The book was originally published in 2006 and is now at 5 volumes. It not only documents the history of homosexual clergy (the "gay mafia") in the Church but it gives details “the growing threat posed to the Church and State by the Homosexual Comintern.” Engel dedicated over a decade of research on homosexuality and the Catholic Church in order to write the impressive 1,300 page first volume which includes thousands of footnotes.
    There are several reviews available at the authors website-

    One of the most comprehensive reviews by a Cathoic was done by Rosemary Fielding for Fidelity/Culture Wars Magazine...

    About fifteen years ago, Catholic writer and pro-life leader Randy Engel decided that withholding information from Catholics about the extent of the homosexual infiltration of the Church was not good.  She had just seen her book—Sex Education—The Final Plague—altered when it was serialized by a major Catholic publication so that it would not tell Catholics what they did not want to hear—that “homosexual and pedophile” bishops existed in the Catholic hierarchy.  That instance of selective censorship prompted Engel to conduct over a decade of research on homosexuality and the Catholic Church in order to write The Rite of Sodomy: Homosexuality and the Roman Catholic Church. This impressive tome of some 1,300 pages (including thousands of footnotes) details “the growing threat posed to the Church and State by the Homosexual Comintern.” 

    Before reviewing the book, I would point out that although Engel has recently been proved decisively correct in her declaration that there exists homosexual bishops, some Catholics are now slamming her for saying that the Homosexual Collective has succeeded in getting one, and perhaps more,  of their own on the Chair of Peter.  However, the criticisms that I have read are from people who have not read the book.  As is usually the case, they need to read the book before voicing their outrage.

    Engel’s propositions and speculations about Church’s leaders are not uncharitable, but an attempt to uncover the truth about what has caused evil to prevail so powerfully against the mission of Church...... remainder of review at above link

    One of my closest friends from high school is homosexual. I have seen the effects the "gay lifestyle" (should be called deathstyle) has had on him and his friends for the past 30 years. Aside from the fact that they completely reject the healing possible through Christ and the Catholic Church, I would not wish his problems on my worst enemy. These effects are not visible to the general observer, co-worker or casual acquaintance. The lies being told by the secular media and their social engineer allies about the supposed normalcy of being gay are absolutely evil, they will lead to misery, health problems and untimely death not to mention the spiritual damage and where they may end up spending eternity.

    The media would like to portray people with the same concerns as me in the same category as the misguided vindictive souls of the Westboro Baptist "Church". Randy Engels' book does a comprehensive job of putting together large amounts of information on the harm homosexuality does to the individual as well as documenting the damage caused to the Church by prelates who are active homosexuals.


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