Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Earth Day! We Made It To Another One!

Did you know it was Earth Day?  If not, your life is none the poorer I assure you.  It's a rather recent mock celebration, having originated in 1970.  Today Rush Limbaugh gave us some background on it, including some dire prophesies of doom that were uttered during the very first Earth Day.  Somehow not too many of these charming predictions have come to pass.  To wit:
  • "In a decade (that is, 1980), urban dwellers will have to wear gas masks to survive the pollution."  I haven't seen too many of those!
  • "The amount of sunlight will be cut in half by 1985."  Now wait a cotton-pickin' minute!  That would bring about massive chilling, right?  What's the deal with "global warming"?
  • There are many more examples of sheer nonsense that Limbaugh cites.
Limbaugh makes mention of the founder's rather chequered past.  Now does that ring a bell regarding another politically-correct hoopla day?  Yes!  Kwanzaa!  Read its official site!  Then read this wikipedia piece - the whole thing.  What a guy!

Update!  It just came to my attention that today is also Vladimir Lenin's birthday!  My!  Such coincidences!  Or perhaps the progressives are simply being "economical" by combining their "high holy days" together!

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