Friday, April 19, 2013

Pro-Abortion And Pro-Gay Criminals

Yesterday, Scott Swirling of Gaithersburg MD pleaded guilty of soliciting sex with a 12-year old.  Earlier this year he went into DC for what he thought was a romp but it was a sting conducted by an undercover DC police officer.  By the way - Swirling was at one time the executive director of National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association.

Today it was reported that Charlie Rogers, a lesbian from Nebraska, was found guilty of faking a "hate crime" upon her person.  Why she is only serving one week in jail is beyond me.  Had some poor schlub been framed for the fake crime, he/she most certainly would have served a much longer sentence.

And of course there's Kermit Gosnell - no, I will NOT call him "doctor"!  The trial goes on, with one worker testifying that she saw as many as 14 babies born alive.

Such is the (lack of) virtue of those who shill for the culture of death.  May God have mercy on us all.

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