Monday, April 29, 2013

A Young Strapping Muslim Socialist No Longer

That's what Barack Obama said of himself at the White House Correspondents' Dinner this past Saturday.  He then followed it up with "you get a little gray".  So only the "young strapping" part has changed?  Well, this is his second term and he has no reason to worry about re-election.  "It's just a joke", some might say?  Can anyone imagine Ronald Reagan or one of the Bushes dropping such a stinker?  For that matter, I can't imagine Bill Clinton letting loose with that one.  So the mask is off, if anyone really was still bamboozled after all this time.

Here is a brief snippet from  For those libs who don't trust them, not to worry - for the Washington Post carries the entire address.


  1. Well, I knew it all along, didn't you? Barack Hussein Obama, please how much more proof does it take?

    1. Sure I knew it. But now it's harder for his adoring sheeple groupies to ignore it -but they probably will anyway!

  2. Here's Mona Charen at "National Review" online:
    The subtitle sums it well.


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