Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I Agree With Obama!

Did anyone ever, ever think they'd see me utter those four words?  Well, temperatures must have plummeted in certain warm subterranean areas for today the Messiah Most Miserable pronounced words that brought at least a moment of joy to every decent, sane human being.  The miracle occurred during a press conference today when questioned about the failure of his administration.  Granted, he spoke in a whiny snit-fit but still those words were music to our tired ears.  Hear it for yourselves and relish it!

Glory - hallelujah!  Will miracles ever cease???  His first utterance of decency and common sense during his entire political career were the words, "maybe I should just pack up and go home."  I can only reply "AMEN!"

What's that?  He was just joshing?  Oh well, we can dream, can we not?  And let's not forget that the fact that the words came out of his mouth indicates that the idea may well be percolating in that socialist brain of his.  Maybe we had better start that collection to cover his moving expenses, after all!

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