Monday, April 29, 2013

Infanticide In Washington DC

After hearing how some abortionists suggest flushing of babies down toilets, it is (sadly) no surprise to hear of similar situations coming from baby-killers from within the nation's capital.  Today Live Action released a video of a conversation with abortionist Cesare Santangelo of the Washington Surgi-Clinic (located at 2112 F St NW #400).  Lifesite News and the Washington Post both published pieces about this video; needless to say, their perspectives differ ever so slightly.

I direct your attention to the rally announcement to the right.  Lila Rose is one of the speakers.  The other, Melissa Ohden, started life as one of those "aborted fetuses" who survived her mother's abortion attempt and who would have been considered fair game for vultures such as Santangelo, Gosnell, Carhart and way too many others.

Below I'm posting the full footage of the encounter that occurred at Washington Surgi-Clinic this past November.

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