Saturday, April 13, 2013

O'Malley Energy And Environment Policies Comprised Of Chicken Shit

That is not a metaphor!  I mean that literally!  And no, this is not a joke!  Really!  Can any sane person make  up this crap?  But the State House is not inhabited by sane people (hasn't been for some time now).

Governor O'Malley has embarked on a project to fuel some State of Maryland facilities, including the Department of Corrections.  The plan is to buy chicken manure (and other animal waste products) and burn them for conversion to electricity.  You can read the official blog for more details on that.

Many environmental groups look askance upon this hare-brained scheme, and rightly so.  They are concerned that O'Malley, in seeking to correct a run-off problem, may well be creating an even larger air pollution problem.

But enough with the poo-poo.  O'Malley's schemes for combatting "run-off" pollution feature a (wait for it!)


"What is that??" you ask with bated breath?  Why, it's a tax that we property owners will have to pay for the rain that falls on our properties.  You see, certain areas of our properties will be impervious to rain - such as pavement, roofs (we hope they're impervious to rain), etc and cause that nasty run-off into the bay so they must be taxed.  The Maryland Catholic Conference has asked Catholics to oppose this tax, but only because it impacts churches and other non-profits - never mind the detriment that we property owners will suffer.  My colleague at A Washington DC Catholic has an excellent write-up to which I now link for your benefit.  Just as the HHS mandate came back to bite the church bureaucracy after they foolishly shilled for nationalized health care, so has this "rain tax" come back to, well, rain on their parade.  We'll oppose it, but for everyone and not just for the church progressives.  In my younger years I would hope this would teach them a lesson, but now I believe they're just too obtuse to learn anything.

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  1. O'Malley = O'Malady, see also Boston Mass


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