Monday, April 29, 2013

Flushing Babies Down The Sewer

For this abortuary worker at a New York City abortuary, that is a perfectly acceptable method of disposing of murdered babies who emerge at their mothers' homes.  You'll hear this worker casually give to Lila Rose this sage advise; her nonchalance can only stem from ignorance and/or callousness.

Before I post the video, I suggest you pay special attention at the 5:23 mark, where they discuss when it might be appropriate to call a hospital.  The worker states in no uncertain terms that she is NOT supposed to  do that.  Sound familiar?  Remember Jennifer Morbelli's death?  Carhart likewise instructed her family not to contact the hospital.  Only when he himself was incommunicado did the family finally contact Shady Grove Hospital; by that time it was too late.  Also, notice the first woman started at the age of 16 (or so she says).  Did the mill have her doing any unauthorized procedures as did Gosnell?

Please share this; pass it along for the mainstream media won't.

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