Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Dr. Taylor Marshall On The Fisher More College Situation

Dr. Taylor Marshall, former Chancellor at Fisher More College, has broken silence on the matter and revealed many details that show Fisher More College to be a plight-ridden school due to incompetence and dissidence on the part of its president, Dr. Michael King.  Dr. Marshall has posted his statement on his Facebook page and I now link to it https://www.facebook.com/DrTaylorMarshall/posts/400180263452671

He alludes to "a public repudiation of Vatican II and the Ordinary Form of Mass in April 2013".  I believe he is referring to this address given by Dr. John Dudley; here is the pdf.  I've only gotten through page 12 and can attest to the disdain for the Ordinary Form contained therein.  How a valid Mass "does not provide the same level of graces" as another valid Mass when the same Sacrament is present is a bit of a stretch, to say the least.  If this is the kind of teaching championed by Dr. King, the financial bunglings were the least of his problems.

Getting back to Dr. Marshall's article, he states that Dr. King did not allow the Ordinary Form of Mass on campus and enlisted suspended priests to say the TLM.  He also states that King hired "trad resistance" faculty; if the new hires were of the same ilk as Dr. Dudley, Dr. Marshall is correct.

So there was gross financial mismanagement, dissidence from Vatican II and disrespect for the Ordinary Form of Mass.  Based on the words of both Dr. Marshall and Dr. Dudley, I must assume that to be the case.  I now link to some questions that Pat Archibald publicly asks of the bishop, as some of those questions came to mind as I was reading what Dr. Marshall said.  The main question is how the banning of the Traditional Latin Mass from the campus is supposed to address the financial and doctrinal misbehaviors of Dr. King.  It would seem that any remedy, if it is to be effective, must address the specific issues at hand.  The banning of the Traditional Latin Mass does not answer Dr. King's disdain of the Ordinary Form.  I do gather that Dr. King still retains his position as president of Fisher More College.   I have not heard whether or not Dr. Dudley is still on the faculty; at this time the FMC website is moving at a snail's pace so I cannot tell if that's the case.  If these men are at least part of the problem with FMC, why do they remain while the Traditional Latin Mass is being given the heave-ho?

Again, I ask, if there are problems, why aren't the specific problems being addressed?  The bishop's letter only spoke of the ban on the Traditional Latin Mass.  Nowhere in it is mentioned any of the problems listed in Dr. Marshall's article.  I for one fail to see how banning the Traditional Latin Mass will cure any financial difficulties there.  It will only impinge upon the few students who still remain at FMC.

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