Monday, March 17, 2014

St Patrick's Day

To clear up common misperceptions..

Wrong!  Proper respect for St Patrick means no leprechauns, no green food dye, no "kiss me I'm Irish" crap and above all, no abuse of alcohol nor relaxation of Lenten disciplines.

Now to honor this saint,


  1. Hmm. Growing up my parish ALWAYS had a St. Patrick's Day event -- typically a Corned Beef and Cabbage dinner with lots of desserts and goodies. The Bishop routinely issued a Lenten dispensation. And yes, Mass was featured before the dinner. Frankly, if I want to enjoy a cupcake for St. Patrick's Day dessert and its white frosting has been "dyed" green, I'll do it. After all, moderation is key to enjoying all things.

    1. Well I'm sure glad that Mass preceded the dinner. I look askance upon the willy-nilly dispensation of Lenten disciplines (some "dumbing down" of the Faith?). Now if you want to dye your entire meal green, what's stopping you? Just don't kid yourself into thinking that somehow St Patrick is honored by your doing so. Your last sentence is interesting. When I've heard the phrase "all things in moderation", it's always been in the context of restraining the carnal appetites, not indulging them.


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