Sunday, March 16, 2014

Los Angeles Religious Ed Congress - Surprising Us All With New Lows

A few days ago, Michael Voris did an expose on the dissent-ridden Los Angeles Religious Education Congress (using the term "religious education" lightly).  He detailed many of the past problems with this annual dissent-fest.  I post his video below, but scroll below it.

This was produced BEFORE the latest disaster congress.  Little could he have expected this joke of a Mass.  Put on ostensibly for American Indians, it is a complete adulteration of the mass with pagan rituals and yes, concepts of God.  NEWS FLASH!  God is NOT a grand-father!  We do NOT pray to "north, south, east or west".  I'm currently watching this thing now so I'm sure there are more liturgical abuses to come.  Now the "mass" that I'm posting below happened Saturday evening.  I understand there might have been a similar debacle on Friday evening called an "urban fusion mass".  I'll be watching that, too.  Stay tuned.

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