Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Leroy Carhart Causes Another Woman To Be Hospitalized At His Germantown Death Center

Yesterday pro-life activists in Germantown MD saw an ambulance pull in front of Germantown Reproductive Health Center.  Apparently the woman sustained "life-threatening complications".  Operation Rescue broke the story so I refer you to their page for further details.

Let me point out that this is the fourth woman that was endangered and hospitalized as a result of "reproductive health" at this Germantown facility in the past thirteen months.  In the first incident, Jennifer Morbelli died.  After the third incident, I passed out a flyer to other occupants of the Germantown Executive Center complex.  That was last November.  In that flyer I quipped that at the rate Carhart was going, the complex should have a reserved parking space for an ambulance in front of the abortuary.  Looking back I realize that was not just a smart-ass comment; it was a prophesy.

I'll also point out that for all the women that Carhart is sending to the hospital, he himself has no privileges in any Maryland hospital.  His whole career in Maryland has been spectacularly chequered, starting with falsified license applications, unlicensed personnel working for him, citations for deficiencies, etc.  These things might suffice to halt the practice of doctors in other fields, but in Maryland, where the politicians are in the hip pockets of NARAL, blind eyes behold not the glaring anomalies in Germantown.

We, particularly those of us in Maryland, must stand up and demand action.  Shine the light on this mess.  Please share this post.  Go onto Facebook, Twitter and other social media and alert your acquaintances to this travesty.  The mainstream media won't so it's up to us.  Above all, pray that this man be put out of his murder-business and come to repentance.  He's not a young man and is running out of time before he must meet his Maker.

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