Saturday, March 8, 2014

Montgomery County CPC Gag Law Killed In Its Entirety

I remember the deliberations over this in 2009 (I blogged on it then).  It was unconstitutional and it was clear that the majority of the Montgomery County Council were simply doing the bidding of their sugar-daddies and money bags.  This move was literally out of a NARAL playbook (and I have a copy of it, too!).

Comes now the news (from LifeNews) that a federal court today put the final kibosh on it.  The ruling notes that the bill was an affront against the First Amendment.

Congratulations and thanks to the Centro Tepeyak Pregnancy Center, along with Alliance Defending Freedom.  They were the lead plaintiff in this case and they - and all of us - prevailed.  Of course this can only have good ramifications for other localities that are fighting this NARAL-spawned poison.

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