Sunday, March 9, 2014

"Recovering" Catholics

In Friday's Vortex, Michael Voris uses this term to describe Catholics who have either: 1) left the Church to join a conservative Protestant denomination or 2) abandoned all practice of faith althogether, embracing atheism.

The term is a misnomer.  Those who have left the One True Faith "recover" nothing.  They are in dire need of truly recovering their appreciation of the Sacraments and Teachings of the Faith.

Voris is correct about the two camps being very different.  In the first camp are actually some very stalwart pro-life people.  My prayer is that they'll "connect some dots" to understand that it's the Roman Catholic Church that has the fullness of teaching on these matters; our teaching on contraception comes to mind.

In the other camp are several pro-choice clinic escorts; they are actually rather proud of having left the Faith and of cementing their apostasy with their formal and material cooperation with the mortal sin of abortion.  I remember one such fellow gloating at me, then joking as to whether or not it was possible to be "fully recovered".  I replied that hell is full of people who are there precisely because they are "fully recovered".  He had nothing more to say.

We need to pray for these lost souls that they truly recover before it's too late.

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