Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Some Church Bishops Should Knock Off With The Interviews!!

In today's Vortex, Michael Voris addresses the many televised gaffes uttered by His Eminence, Timothy Cardinal Dolan.  Every word that Voris says about Dolan's sorry performance and the abysmal way he has conducted himself in public is spot-on.  I add only one key item.


Let's cease the pussy-footing, shall we?  The world-wide Catholic Church is in desperate need of clarity.  Thanks to His Holiness's rather odd statements, many believe that those living in mortal sin can receive Holy Communion, that in fact some deadly sins (such as sodomy) are in fact "tolerable", etc.  Think of the thousands who are allowed to wander away due to the lack of crystal clear guidance from the Chief Shepherd.

In a previous post, I posted the entirety of that last interview of Dolan's.  In it Dolan implies that he is merely following the Holy Father's lead.  In all fairness to His Eminence, I can see where he truly might believe that, given the garbled mess that has issued forth from the Vatican during this past year.

Therefore I expand upon Voris' plea to include His Holiness.  If you truly care for your flocks as befitting a shepherd, cease the media and impromptu interviews and teach, with clarity, the Faith and Morals of the Church founded by Jesus Christ Himself.


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