Thursday, September 6, 2012

Abortion Is "Above My Pay Grade", Says Sister Simone Campbell

Yesterday, Sister Simone Campbell of "nuns on the bus" infamy addressed the Democratic National Convention.  Being the faithful religious that she is, she immediately upbraided them for their support of baby-murder and their recent attempt to remove God from their party platform.  Ladies and gentlemen, mea culpa - that last sentence was a joke (would that it were true)!  But she did speak and in doing so, made a mockery of her religious profession.  The video of her talk can be found here.

She immediately took aim at the budget that Paul Ryan proposed, saying that the USCCB "failed a basic moral test".  Sister, the USCCB does not bear any inherent authority to pronounce didly-squat.  Moreover, Cardinal Dolan is not nearly as eager to condemn the Ryan budget as is Sister.  He seems to acknowledge that there is room for disagreement on prudential matters and respected Ryan's desire to assist all by reining in our runaway deficit.  She then says at 1:31 "we agree with our bishops".  At 5:00 she remarks that opposing the Ryan budget is "part of my pro-life stance".  At 6:19 she reiterates her opinion that the Ryan budget is "immoral".

So she's dead-certain that the Ryan budget is "immoral".  But her conviction and certainty about the right to life of innocent babies.  But earlier yesterday in an interview when John McCormack asked her "should it be illegal to perform abortions", she took a cue right from the Messiah Most Miserable himself.  Her answer?  "That's beyond my pay grade.  I don't know."

To sum up Sister Simone's positions:
  • Ryan budget - "immoral" "horrifying"
  • Baby murder - "I don't know"
Guess what?  With regards to legality of abortion, she cannot boast "agreement with our bishops".


  1. It seems the good sister has already excommunicated herself from her Catholicism. In my humble view, the Vatican must settle the last of these radicalized nuns in a expedient manner. Those who follow, follow in error, those who stay will be purged of this scandalous ranting. May God have mercy on them, and we must continue in our prayer to bring them home.

  2. The Holy See needs to act swiftly and put these women, and their victims, out of their misery.


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