Sunday, September 2, 2012

Second Collection For Sept 8-9 - Catholic University Of America

The record of Catholic University of America has certainly been a mixed bag, as noted throughout the years. They have endured frivolous law suits, for instance, for daring to re-institute single-sex dorms and for having crucifixes and other Catholic symbols in its classrooms.  On the other hand, we're starting to see increasing amounts of flotsam and jetsam within the ranks of CUA faculty.  That will only increase in January 2013 with the arrival of John Carr.

So now that raises the question of whether or not it is wise to contribute to the second collection this upcoming weekend for the Catholic University of America.  It is a nationwide collection, I understand, so this is a relevant question for millions of Catholics who attend Mass.  I made plain last week my plans for the collection.  Someone commented in my earlier post, stating that it might be difficult to remove a tenured professor.  Well, assuming that's true for argument's sake, tenure is completely irrelevant in the John Carr case.  There goes that excuse!

Ladies and gentlemen, whatever you do with the next second collection, please put much thought and prayer into your decision.

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