Friday, September 14, 2012

Two Big Events - 9/15 And 9/17

I list them as they will chronologically occur.  They're both important.  Please attend both if at all possible.

Sept 15 - PICKET OF MD-NARAL GALA  Their annual "Evening of Chocolate" Gala/Bloodfeast will occur at 17921 Brooke Road in Sandy Spring MD (see their webpage for details).  It's in the Oak Room, attached to the Sandy Spring Fire Station, just a short block north of the Brooke Road / Route 108 intersection.  The NARAL bloodfeast is slated to begin at 8:00pm.  We will be there at 7:00pm to greet the attendees with the truth of the murder that they are advocating.

Sept 17 - JOIN LILA ROSE AND FR MARCEL GUARNIZO AT GERMANTOWN ABORTUARY   Mondays are when Leroy Carhart starts his process of murdering late-term babies.  Ms. Rose and Fr Guarnizo will be joining others to offer real assistance to mothers in desperate situations to encourage them to bring their babies to term.  Afterwards, they will speak at a 10am rally.  Lila Rose is president of Live Action and has led "stings" of abortuaries across the country, exposing their cover-ups of statutory rapes of underage girls.  Anyone who has read this blog during this past February through April knows who Father Guarnizo is and that he is a staunch preacher of God's truth.  For general information regarding the ongoing efforts at Germantown, go to

You - yes, YOU - are called to witness for our God and for life.


  1. I'll be there Monday. Accompanied by a US Marine, just in case any of the people who have threatened Father's life show up.

  2. God bless Father Guarnizo and this wonderful blog...i too will be at the germantown abortion mill monday sept. 17 2012 (abortuary is too hard to say). as you were.


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