Monday, September 17, 2012

Abortion Is A "Pelvic Issue"!

That precious pearl of wisdom has been bestowed upon us, courtesy of the Catholic University of America.  What has gotten into the water cooler inside of the CUA faculty lounge?

On September 12, at Catholic University of America, there was a forum entitled "International Religious Freedom: An Imperative for Peace and the Common Good".  If that sounds like a progressive gab-fest, that's because it was.  It was jointly sponsored by the USCCB, Catholic Relief Services, CUA and the university's Institute for Policy Research and Catholic Studies.  That tells us a lot right there.  We've learned quite a bit about CRS.  We've also learned recently that the IPRCS is directed by Stephen Schneck, who just happens to be co-chair of Catholics for Obama.

A CUA faculty member named Maryann Cusimano Love spoke on - you guessed it! - women.  Why?  Well, according to her, "women are more religious than men" and "attacks on religious freedom affect women more than men".  I dunno - but those sound like rather sexist statements to me (by-the-by, I am a woman)!  But don't expect her to be called on that blatant sexism by lame-brain-main-stream media, because she's portraying us as victims and that means she's a victim too!  Got that??  There I go, digressing again.

Love went on to complain against those who "block" CRS and Caritas (funny how she omitted mention of CARE - but I'm sure it was quite inadvertent!  Of course - so stop that snickering!).  She does go so far as to acknowledge that some differ with the Church on various issues.  Guess what those issues are, according to Love?  Why, they're PELVIC ISSUES!

I can only conclude that the brutal murder of babies, the dismembering of tiny unborn children are what Love calls "pelvic issues".  I've been on the pro-life front-lines for some time now, and I must say this is a "first".  Pelvic issues!!!  What euphemisms will these pro-death progressives concoct next?

She then goes on to say that the Church should "make the unexpected choice to reach out to people who are not like us" in "areas where we have common ground".  Sorry, dear!  There simply is no "common ground" with murder.  And yes, we do "reach out" when we practice the Spiritual Works of Mercy, such as rebuking the sinner and instructing the ignorant.  It is God and His laws that dictate the proper motives and methods of "reaching out", not an institute directed by someone so fuzzy-headed that he advocates voting for the most pro-baby-murder president ever to occupy the Oval Office.

Two weekends ago I practiced those two Spiritual Works of Mercy when I put my letter in the collection basket in lieu of a donation to CUA.  I hope others did the same.

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