Friday, September 21, 2012

Cardinal Dolan, Where Are You?

That is the title of a piece written by Jim Fritz regarding the colossal error of judgment shown by Cardinal Dolan in allowing the Messiah Most Miserable to attend the Al Smith Dinner next month in New York.  In addition to being a colleague in the Catholic Media Coalition, Jim and I spent many hours sidewalk-counseling in front of the (now-defunct) Hillcrest Women's Surgi-Center on Georgia Avenue, just south of the MD-DC line.  It was one of the first abortuaries in DC, and we were both privileged to be there at its demise.

While I give His Eminence much credit for handing to the Democrats a thinly-veneered and much-needed rebuke vis-a-vis his closing benediction, I believe that Cardinal Dolan contradicts that benediction by allowing Obama a Catholic venue at which to preen and posture just before the election.

When I first read the title to Jim's article, I immediately noticed its similarity to that of one of the early 1960s sitcoms - Car 54, Where Are You?  That show depicted the misadventures of two bumbling New York City cops.  If Jim intended to show a parallel between the New York City cops and the New York City Cardinal, I think we all understand it.

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