Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Obama Is Endorsed - Kinda

Well, I guess Romney and Ryan might as well pack it in and surrender because after last night, Obama is a shoo-in for the White House!

Yes, I'm being sarcastic (mea culpa!).  What Obama received last night is what any normal person would consider to be a "kiss of death".  Last night the Material Girl gave her ringing (and profanity-laden) endorsement to the Messiah Most Miserable.  See the clip below, but be warned - nothing is "bleeped" out.  The "eloquent prose" starts at 1:47 and continues.  Click here if you can't see embedded video.

In her defense, it must be noted that she isn't using a teleprompter.


  1. Isn't it interesting that "The Fraudulent One," as I call her(as there is only one True Madonna-and it ain't this most-deceived blond on stage!)refers to Obama as our "Black Muslim in the White House." He's actually NOT black; he's multi-racial. But she did get it right, I believe, about his being Muslim. How sad it is that in our day and time we still have not gotten past choosing someone as a leader for reasons other than the color of a man's skin. What about a man's integrity, his character, his (true) faith, his belief system, his world view, his morality, his treatment of the "least among us," his associations, his history, his past experiences, his goals for the future, his ideology? No! As long as he's a person "of color," because for decades those of color have only known persecution and slightedness,right, Barack Hussain Obama must be the right man! NO! This has nothing to do with his being a person of color. If so, let's consider those qualified, i.e. Herman Cain, Alan Keys, Clarence Thomas, Alan West, so many others. No, this is about choosing a useful idiot to bring about divisiveness in this land of freedom we still call America with the intent to "transform" this fine country into a Marxist state to where it is unrecognizable so that only an elite few have all the power and money, and the wealth is re-distributed to the satisfaction of the oligarchy at the top. Sadly, our culture has degraded to such an extent that a Hollywood fluzie has become the authority for a misguided, dumbed-down populace that can't think for itself in serious matters such as those concerning politics, religion, marriage, LIFE, faith, and the family. Hopefully, come election time, they all stay home because they're too stoned to know what day they were supposed to vote!

    1. In all fairness to her, Madonna really is her given name. I agree with everything else you stated. Since when did Hollywood inhabitants become experts on anything? Certainly they can voice their opinions just like anyone else, but they're only people, not oracles. I certainly hope come election time that good people will come out in droves to oust Obama from the White House, along with many other progressives from Congress and state-level positions.


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