Sunday, September 23, 2012

Data-Challenged Theories From Catholic University?

Several weeks ago I posted about the problem of Stephen Schneck at Catholic University.  In that post is a video of an interview he gave, spinning some wild yarn claiming that a vote for Obama will reduce abortions.

Jonathan Last of the Weekly Standard attempted to contact Schneck to learn what data supported Schneck's statements.  You can read the account for yourselves.  Long and short - there is no real data.

So what business does Schneck have in running a department at Catholic University?  Looking at the bigger picture of recent events at Catholic University, namely the hiring of John Carr, we can ask what is transpiring at Catholic University in general?  It seems to be devolving into a progressive apologists' haven and forum for promoting socialist ideas.

I know there are still voices of sanity on that campus.  I implore them to wake up and stop this creeping socialist infestation before it gains more ground there.


  1. There is PLENTY going right at CUA. Please don't bash the university. I am disappointed in Schnek but Pres John Garvey has done and is doing a wonderful job. He is doing much to promote our authentic Catholic faith. He is well loved by students and parents.

    1. Anonymous, I'd suggest that you remove the rose-colored glasses, wake up and smell the coffee. Yes the problems may not seem much right now, but I'd strongly suggest that decent folks nip them in the bud before they've gained too strong a foot-hold. Unless I learn of the president of CUA taking some strong action, or at least denouncing publicly Schneck's whacked-out ideas, then I must assume that there is complicity if only by silence.


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