Sunday, September 30, 2012

Voters' Remorse?

If you voted for Obama in 2008 and find yourself battling with "voter's remorse", you're not alone.  Please join thousands of others who will be voting to reverse the damage done by this current Obama regime.  Go to


  1. actually, I voted for Barack Obama four years ago and I'm voting for him again. It was the Republicans who got us in this mess--the Democrat Clinton left office with an enormous surplus--and it is republicans like Boehner and McConnell who have slowed down any recovry by their obstructionism. Moreovr it is Cheney, Rove and associates who got us into two wars that not only depleted the Clinton surplus but dug us this far into debt with China loans. No. I used to be Republican but I'm voting Democrat again this year. our survival as a nation depends on it

    1. Let's leave aside for the moment the economic and foreign policy issues. Those are matters of prudential judgment on which faithful Catholics can (and often do) disagree. What we need to address (unfortunately the clip really doesn't) are the fundamental moral principles that Obama and the Democrat party are literally throwing into the trash. At their convention they celebrated those who promote the whole-scale murder of unborn babies. They favor all sorts of sexual perversions and all manners of marriage mutation. Indeed a great percentage (if not majority) of the attendees wanted to jettison God entirely from the party platform. Of course such moral suicide will have its economic impact, which I believe the people in the video found to be their main concern (erroneously so). No civilization can long survive that rejects Godly principles. I will vote for Romney and against Obama for this nation cannot survive its current path into the moral/spiritual cesspool, economics notwithstanding.


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