Friday, September 21, 2012

Help Obama Change Washington!

At the Univsion forum yesterday, Obama had this to say about the state of affairs in Washington:

Now, we just know in his heart of hearts, that the Messiah Most Miserable really, really wants to change Washington.  But this fond desire of his heart is stymied as long as he remains in Washington.  So - won't you help him "change Washington" by helping him leave Washington so he can change Washington from the outside?  You can help him do this in November by voting for Mitt Romney!


  1. like really far on the outside starting in the middle east, right, Mr.?

    1. Careful, now! I don't wish harm on anyone. Perhaps you aren't aware that some of the muslim mobs are burning Obama's image along with our flag? Why would I want him - or anyone for that matter - to be placed in that kind of jeopardy? All I'm suggesting is that he be voted out of office.


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