Monday, September 3, 2012

Someone Should Resign - And It's NOT Todd Akin!

Last week Todd Akin, Republican Senatorial candidate of Missouri, prompted much huffing and puffing after his comments about "legitimate rape".  I agree - the comments were medically inaccurate and just generally ill-advised, but they didn't justify all the self-righteous snit-fits hurled his way.  There were calls for him to resign and to their shame, GOP leadership - including Mitt Romney - joined the feeding frenzy.

Well, there may have been other reasons for the RINOs wanting Akin out of the way.  It appears that Akin is too much of a real Republican for their blue blood.  Akin voted against much of GOP-originated spending extravaganzas: the "No Child Left Behind" act, Medicare expansion, Bush's Wall Street bailout.  And it appears that they had just a little help from George Soros (surprise!).

To his immense credit, Akin refuses to cease his campaign for the seat of Claire McCaskill.  Immediately after his comments, he fell behind McCaskill by 10 points, but has now recovered to a slight lead over her.  I can see how that wouldn't sit well with Democrats, but another doesn't seem too happy about Akin's comeback.

Right after his comments, Akin did receive many anonymous death threats.  Most normal people would say that threatening the life of another is much more morally repugnant than making stupid and erroneous statements.  But some in the higher echelons of GOP leadership don't hold that view, apparently.

At a GOP fundraiser a few days ago, Karl Rove apparently thought this charming statement would open the pockets of billionaire donors: "We should sink Todd Akin. If he's found mysteriously murdered, don't look for my whereabouts!"  He didn't realize there was a pesky reporter in the room.  The IBT article calls that a joke.  Well, as a "joke" it's much more offensive than anything Akin uttered, for Akin voiced no malice while Rove obviously did.  If anyone deserves calls for resignation, it's Karl Rove, not Todd Akin.  Mike Huckabee, Phyllis Schlafly and Newt Gingrich sternly rebuked Rove.  In his  interview, Gingrich not only condemns Rove's remarks; he scolds his interviewers for their obvious biases.


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  1. also rnc refusing akins funding,bet they have no problem giving pro-abort pro-homosexulist lisa murkowski alaska/r money


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