Monday, September 24, 2012

Vortex On Arlington Diocese Flap

Bishop Loverde of the Diocese of Arlington required diocesan teachers to affirm that they would teach the authentic Faith.  Apparently that outraged some deluded "free-thinkers" and the Washington Post (shill of all things progressive) saw fit to open its silly yap.  The Vortex weighs in on the matter.  Click here if you can't see embedded video.


  1. It's difficult even to understand why the WaPo imagines that this matter is any of its business. Or how they suppose they have the knowledge base to offer any remarks at all on the subject. Haven't they done enough damage to the Catholic Church and the DC area for one year? Apparently not.

  2. I am just a bit behind schedule as I haven't signed the pledge yet. In the beginning I was concerned that it was a pledge to Bishop Loverde, but it isn’t and I will sign as soon as possible.

    This is the first thing this bishop has done that I feel positive about.

  3. Faithful Catholics everywhere grow weary with the day to day job of re-educating Catholics who no longer understand their religion. The Catholics in the diocese of Arlington are truly blessed that they have a Bishop who places their eternal well being above what is surely to be a most difficult situation for their Bishop. I hope the Fathful Catholics in this diocese will make sure Bishop Loverde knows of their support and admiration. Faithful Catholics everywhere applaud Biship Loverde's efforts and his motivation in an area that is so desperately screaming for overhaul. Faithful Catholics every where must bolster men like him and help them in their drive to find eternal peach for their sheap. Congratulations, Bishop Loverde. I wish you were here. We will pray for you, and please, pray for those of us who are lacking men of your stature. God bless you.


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