Thursday, August 15, 2019

Rossi To Be Investigated And Absp Gregory Botches Theology On Tap

As many know, Catholic journalist George Neumayr has been unearthing scandalous details regarding Msgr Walter Rossi's perverted misdeeds.  Now comes the announcement from the Diocese of Scranton (Rossi's diocese) that both Bishop Bambera and Archbishop Wilton Gregory will conduct a joint "forensic investigation" into the allegations regarding Rossi.

Archbishop Gregory had to have known that we would never let the Rossi matter fade from the memories of Catholics.  Not only was there my 5-second reminder to him this past Saturday, but at yesterday's "Theology on Tap" session, the first question from the audience was in regard to the Rossi matter.  You'll find that at the 17-minute marker.

One other teensy little news item might have served as impetus for at least putting up a facade of an investigation (if that is what it is).  Church Militant has published the news that James Grein, the man whom McCarrick savaged for years is now filing a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the Vatican and the Archdiocese of New York for doing absolutely nothing about the abuse that he suffered.  Perhaps that is not a factor behind Gregory's present decision to do something about Rossi, but often money is a key motivating factor for our errant shepherds.  My blogging colleague, A Washington DC Catholic, has additional questions regarding this matter.

Before we all entertain wild hopes that some changes might be coming to the Archdiocese, please be advised that the rest of that video will snap you back to reality.  The camera is always facing the archbishop, so we can't see those posing the questions and I find the questions somewhat inaudible.  Gregory's responses, though, are rather distressing. At the 20-minute mark, in reply to someone from St Matthew's about those engaged in perversions (not his terms), Gregory rehashes his deplorable track record in Atlanta and sings the praises of dissident priest Fr James Martin and a sodomite-enabling bunch called Fortunate Families.  One glance at that web page will leave no doubt as to the spiritual poison to be found therein.

At the 30-minute mark, we hear from someone who identifies him/herself as a "transgender Catholic".  Again, the camera faces Gregory and the acoustics are poor, so I've no way of telling if that person was male or female.  At least I have a reasonable excuse.  Anyway, he/she asks "what place do I have in the church?".  To that  Gregory responds "right in the heart of the Church".  He added that Jesus "engaged such people".  Well, not as equals, Your Excellency!  He always called sinners to repentance, not "accompaniment".   Of course all the liberals clapped and whistled over that nonsense.  It's nonsense because the bishop of the local Church failed to preach repentance from the mortal sins of perversion as a necessary step to eternal life.

In Washington DC, the swamp will be fetid for quite some time.


  1. Whoever said that prelates had to be theologians? Isn't that why we have special schools/training for moral theologians versus these suspect places who bestow Doctors of Divinity degrees? Perhaps degrees in Political Science would be more appropriate?

  2. The more things change, the more they remain the same! It will take Divine Intervention to clean up the mess in the Archdiocese of Washington.


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