Thursday, May 16, 2019

Georgetown Visitation Goes Down The Toilet

I saw it first on LifeSiteNews, but in reality it's all over the lame-brain media.  The president emerita, Sister Mary Berchmans Hannan, announced that the school's alumni magazine will carry announcements of same-sex-shackups along with actual marriages.

In trying to justify her catering to mortal sin, Sister claims that "we can focus on Church teaching on gay marriage or we can focus on Church teaching on the Gospel commandment of love."   So much error, so little time!  But I'll give it a shot.
  • Our Lord teaches through His Catholic Church.  It is this Church that contains the full deposit of faith.  She teaches infallibly on faith and morals.
  • The Church's teachings do not contradict each other.  They cannot, for God does not contradict Himself.  If any notion of "love" lends one to affirm homosexual conduct or any other mortal sin, that notion is not authentic charity but a cheap, deadly, sentimental facade of the same.
  • What she calls "learning and growing" is in fact capitulation to the sinful dictates of secular society.  Berchmans and her friends value the world's opinion (and probably funding) more than Our Lord Himself.
Some parents understand that Hannan is compromising the Catholic education for which the paid.  However, they remain silent.  They say that they fear "the soft discrimination against the children...(with) A's becoming B's".  Plus, they don't want to have a reputation as "one of the angry parents".  In short, while they understand the truth, they are moral cowards.

I don't know what troubles me more: Hannan's disobedience to the Faith (and her vows) or the cowardice of these parents.  Just as the school is doing gross disservice to the students in their own way, so too are these parents, albeit differently.  In remaining silent, they are teaching their children to remain silent as to uphold their Faith and yes, their very identities.  They are teaching their children that it is better to "go along to get along" because this life matters more than the next.  I believe Our Lord stated "who acknowledges me before men, I will acknowledge before my Father.  Whooever is ashamed of me, I will be ashamed of them before My Father."

Then of course there is the "non-statement" tossed out by the Archdiocese of Washington.  Will they respond with half the alacrity that they displayed when Father Guarnizo refused Holy Communion to the flaming lesbian?  I don't think so, either.

Faithful Catholics simply must put some steel in their spines if we ever want to restore decency to our culture.  This is doubly incumbent on parents who are responsible for the souls of their children.

Contact information for the school can be found here (bottom of page). Please contact them and advise them that they are endangering the souls of the students in their charge, and their own.


  1. Where are the bishops of the Archdiocese? They are the biggest cowards of all!

    Sr. Hannah needs to have the wimple torn from her head!

    1. PS/ Our Blessed Lord despised the lukewarm. Wonder what he thinks of the bishops of your Archdiocese?

  2. I attended Visitation as did my mother. Sr. Berchmans became Headmistress when I was a sophomore fifty years ago, the same year the nuns rid themselves of the beautiful Visitandine habit. They turned the school over to laity. What has happened to the school is heartbreaking. They have had no vocations. Pray, pray for Sister Berchmans, the poor girls and their families who are now scandalized and robbed of the faith.


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