Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bishop Hubbard - A New Low In Episcopal Scandals

From Catholic Culture, we read that New York governor Andrew Cuomo, with Sandra Lee (described by New York Daily News as Cuomo's "live-in girlfriend") attended Mass in the Albany Cathedral.  During that Mass, Bishop Howard Hubbard extolled them in his homily, after which Cuomo and Lee received Holy Communion.

To recap, Andrew Cuomo is both pro-abortion and pro "gay marriage".  Since he received Holy Communion, he committed a mortal sin of sacriligious Holy Communion.  Moreover, Bishop Howard, in not enforcing Canon 915, most likely cooperated with that mortal sin.  I thought bishops were supposed to shepherd people away from such sin and towards repentance; it seems that Bishop Hubbard did quite the opposite here.  With bishops like Hubbard sitting in episcopal sees, is it any wonder that the Church is in such rotten shape and that so many souls are careening towards hell?

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