Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cardinal Wuerl And Mayor Gray

As all know by now, Cardinal Wuerl gave the invocation at Vincent Gray's inauguration as mayor of Washington DC.  My colleague at An Archdiocese of Washington Catholic has a write up here.  That in turns links to the transcript of the invocation.

Of course the Catholic Standard published a glowing account of the event - santized, of course.  What do I mean by that?  In that Standard article, there was no mention whatsoever of Gray's promotion of abortion and same-sex "marriage".  Again, my colleague highlights that omission that is all-too-typical for the Standard.  If you find that difficult to believe, read it here.

If you'd like some evidence of Mr. Gray's political pursuasions, another blogging colleague, American Papist, came across this Washington Post piece about the decor of Mayor Gray's office.  (By the bye - aren't these nice digs for a city that's running in the red?  But I digress!)  Notice the 6th photo, which I post below.

Yep!  That's an award from Planned Parenthood that has been placed in front of his pictures with the Pope!  Rather telling, isn't it?  At least the mayor is candid about his political and moral leanings.  That's more than can be said for the Catholic Standard.  No doubt they're "running interference" for the Cardinal, lest it cross anyone's mind that he's pandering to a pro-abortion, pro-gay CINO.


  1. Funny thing, I was about to send this information to a washington dc catholic blogger. This situation should be getting more and more difficult for The Cardinal. I think he simply will remain silent about this though. He really has made a fool out of himself.

  2. I believe "A Washington DC Catholic" has indeed commented on this matter.


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