Wednesday, January 19, 2011

CCHD Head Campaigned For Pro-Abortion Political Candidate

That's right.  Creative Minority Report tells us that during the 2008 election cycle, Ralph McCloud, while working in his capacity as CCHD director, worked as campaign treasurer for Texan Wendy Davis.  The public record is here.  Ms Davis was endorsed by Planned Parenthood.  Unfortunately, Davis defeated her pro-life opponent.  Therefore we can conclude that Ralph McCloud worked directly against a candidate who would have helped unborn children and worked for someone who would facilitate their murder.

That campaign itself ran afoul of some ethics guidelines.  Planned Parenthood of North Texas was fined several thousand dollars for not reporting just how much money they gave to Davis' campaign.  Please study the CMR post carefully.

The Catholic Campaign for Human Development touts itself as an organization that works to empower the disenfranchised.  McCloud has made clear the lie that is the CCHD motto.

Here's a very interesting, and telling aside.  As you read the comments, note the one about the USCCB logo encompassing the logo for gnosticism.  I went to the wikipedia site, and sure enough, the resemblance between the two logos is quite uncanny.  That is not an accident!

One more time - let's scrap the CCHD and the entire USCCB!  Get the filthy rot out of the Church!

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