Thursday, January 13, 2011

Remember James Lee? Whose "Rhetoric" Is Causing Violent Outbursts?

Ample evidience abounds that Jared Loughner was not motivated in the least by conservative thought.  He had drug problems and several run-ins with law officials.  His Youtube channel states that his favorite books include Hitler's Mein Kampf and the Communist Manifesto.  That same channel show a video of him burning the US flag.

Now let's recall another insane man who undoubtedly was listening to left-wing rhetoric.  I call to your memories one James Lee.  Last September, he held a number of people hostage in the Discovery Channel Building in Silver Spring MD.  He had bombs and threatened to use them.  While only he was killed in the stand-off, he did manage to shut down Silver Spring for a good part of the day.  I posted about that when it happened.  Here it is.  Read the links to see how he was heavily influenced by radical environmentalisn.  Many other proponents of radical environmentalism are unabashedly contemptuous of human life.  Want proof?  Go here and here, making sure you follow the links in those articles.

Now here's another link revealing that Lee was pro-abortion.  When you read that piece, follow the link to Jill Stanek's blog, where you can see and hear Lee arguing with pro-life demonstrators and espousing his strange world views.

So according to evidence that Lee himself willingly supplied, he was a pro-abortion radical environmentalist.  Now perhaps my memory is failing me, but I sure don't recall hearing any liberal pundits calling for pro-abortion and/or environmentalists to tone down their "inflamatory" talk after Lee was killed.  After all, Lee himself made no secret of his proclivities, did he?

Now of course I don't think environmentalists and pro-abortion folks are to blame for the Discovery Channel stand-off.  The one guilty party has met his eternal fate.   However, liberal/progressive pundits are doing their utmost to stretch all kinds of logic to ascribe some sort of blame for Gifford's shooting to Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, talk radio, Tea Party, any of the voices of conservatism.  Read this Newsbusters account of one debate.  Newsbusters does a good job of exposing the double-standard.

Dear liberal pundits: nice try, but no cigar.  We're here and we will exercise our First Amendment rights.  You may not think it's "civil", since "civility" to you seems to mean that all must fall lock-step with your progressive programs, or else!  (Recall the video in one of this post's earlier links)

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