Friday, January 14, 2011

The Scandal Of The Oblivious Catholic

So often we who make known the ills of the Church are villified as scandalmongers - or at best, eccentric alarmists focusing "only on the negative".  These attitudes quite often come from good people who do go to Mass and are faithful to marriage vows, who do try to raise their children properly, etc.  However, they either fail to, or perhaps refuse to, acknowledge the severity of the corruption inside the Church.  They play the role of the "three monkeys" very well.  I daresay the folks who produce the Catholic Standard, for the most part, are of that ilk.  Of course their priorities are dictated by the chancery, but there still remains that concept of journalistic integrity for which they should aim - for whatever reason, they don't.  I cannot excuse that; the omissions of key facts from their accounts are too glaring not to be noticed by those of us who do have our eyes open.

So why do we bloggers, etc continue to sound the alarm, at the expense of making other good Catholics uncomfortable?  Well, as Our Lord said, "ye shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free."  Notice He did not say "ye shall think happy, positive thoughts, and they'll make you feel warm and fuzzy".  The truth sometimes is unpleasant, but it must be accepted by us all.  Without the light being shown on the ills of the Church, there will be no motivation to rectify those ills.  Let us realize that the scandal lies not in the exposition of evil, but in the evil itself.  Should we turn blind eyes and deaf ears to that evil and say nothing (the three monkeys!) , it is then that we'll truly be culpable of spreading scandal - for we'll be letting evil continue unhindered.

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