Monday, January 3, 2011

No Kennedys In DC Starting This Week

Thanks to Pewsitter for pointing me towards this piece by the Media Research Center, for this never dawned on me.  After the new Congress is sworn in this week, there won't be any member of the Kennedy family in public office.  In 1947, JFK was first elected to the House of Representatives.  As he moved into the White House, an assortment of brothers and newphews occupied various seats in Congress.  That ends this week when Patrick Kennedy (who lost to a Republican) departs.

It seems that this past Saturday, on ABC World News, John Hendren marked this occurrence in a conversation with Kathleen Kennedy Townsend (who herself was defeated by Bob Ehrlich as she ran for the Maryland gubernatorial seat).  She had this profound comment to utter: "I think it's sad.  I think we need a Kennedy."  No wonder she lost that race!

I thank Pewsitter and the Media Research Center for pointing out to us all that delightful point.  Now, as the new Congress is seated, let's keep a close eye on that bunch and let them know that they are accountable to us.  I don't expect them to push through too much conservative legislation, as the progressive lemmings still maintain a slight edge in the Senate, and of course there is the Messiah Most Miserable with two years to go.  However, they control the House, which originates all funding bills, per the Constitution.  Moreover, the Republicans can filibuster the Senate.  Sometimes obstructionism is a beautiful thing, especially when the object of obstruction is perilous to the nation!


  1. Patrick Kennedy retired and was succeeded by a Democrat, David Cicilline, who defeated the Republican candidate in a close race for Rhode Island standards.


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