Wednesday, January 19, 2011

House Votes To Repeal Obama Hell Scare Bill

As announced yesterday, the House of Representatives held the vote.  I am happy to report that they voted to repeal it.  The 245-189 vote was mainly along party lines; when the roll call is available, I'll post it.  My congratulations to Speaker Boehner and all who worked to bring this repeal bill to the floor.

Now all eyes are on the Senate.  Conventional wisdom holds that they will scuttle the bill or vote it down.  However, there are Democrats who are up for reelection in 2012.  Not all of them are stupid; they realize why many of their colleagues are not included in the 112th Congress.  Perhaps they aren't prepared to seal their own professional fates, the whining of Obama and Reid notwithstanding.

This will be interesting to watch.  Moreover, this gives us reason for prayer.

Prayers are also needed for one group of individuals who are not entirely happy with the prospect of the Hell Bill being finally overturned?  Who might that group be?  The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops!  Insisting that "health care is a basic human right",  they want to "improve and correct serious moral problems in the current law".  They don't accept the truth that socialized medicine is a serious moral problem!  When will they learn?

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