Saturday, January 15, 2011

Guess What Your Tax Dollars Are Doing???

According to this Lifesite News article, the Messiah Most Miserable is using Your Tax Dollars to promote his Hell Bill.  He's concerned, you see, about its declining popularity and he needs to misappropriate Your Tax Dollars to bamboozle folks into glomming onto the abortion promotion, death panels (yes, they will be snuck back in!), bloated bureacracy, etc. 

This is quite a "high-tech" path that he's taking.  He's buying - with Your Tax Dollars - promotional space on popular search engines.  Of course the Department of Health and Human Services (under CINO Kathleen Sebelius) won't say precisely how much of Your Tax Dollars are being misappropriated and squandered on this venture.

Hey, the Messiah Most Miserable doesn't care!  After all, it's not his money, but your hard-earned dollars being used to mollify you as your health care is seized by Big Government.

Your Tax Dollars!  Hard(ly) At Work!

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