Saturday, January 22, 2011

USCCB Supports Internet Gag Rules

Hint!  They weren't particularly enthusiastic about the House's vote to repeal the Obama Hell Care bill!  C'mon!  It shouldn't be that hard to guess (more's the shame upon them)!  It's the (drum roll, please!)

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops!

Yessirre!  They issued a letter to the feds supporting that policy, stating that "true net neutrality is necessary for people to flourish in a democratic society."

Your eminences and your excellencies, that's plain wrong for several reasons.  First, what's needed is what we already have - the First Amendment, which guarantees that "Congress shall make no law..abridging the freedom of speech or of the press".  We need freedom to express our ideas and beliefs.  If the majority of those ideas should fall to one side or another, so be it.  Which brings us to the second reason why the USCCB errs in this matter.  What on earth is this "net neutrality"?  Who determines that?  The Feds?  Why should any citizen or media outlet submit to their arbitrarily-contrived "standards"?  Again, that runs completely afoul of the First Amendment.

So what may be a reason for the USCCB clamoring for this "net neutrality"?  Why on earth would they lobby for regulations that could well impede the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which this Church is divinely commissioned to preach?  Well, there are reasons - and you're looking at one right now!

If all media was "mainstream" and under the control of the establishment, including Church establishment, the hierarchy would feel no challenge to their doings and sayings - "doings and sayings" that often dissent from the Magisterium.  Cochroaches hate the light, as do all nefarious beings.  This blog, and thousands more outlets (a fine sampling is on the right side bar) expose their misdeeds and we call for reform.  Because we are loud and persistent and not "politically correct", we often are successful in obtaining reform - or at least we succeed in embarrassing those clergy and church personnel who persist in their misbehaviors.

We, of course, need to fight this by lobbying the House of Representatives.  This current House seems much more friendly to conservative values.  And let's not forget, the House holds the Federal purse strings.  This "net neutrality" stuff isn't a threat that just impacts conservative Christians, but all Americans.  Shame on the USCCB for jumping onto yet another politically-correct bandwagon of the progressives.

USCCB = Undercover Synod of Communists Concealed by Bishops

(HT - Pewsitter)

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