Sunday, January 23, 2011

Coming Soon To A School District Near You??

In Oakland, CA, a teacher of second-grade children has been put on suspension after news of two separate episodes of sexual abuse of his students became known to school officials.  In the first incident, several children removed their clothes and were naked in the classroom.  In the second, a boy and girl performed oral sex in the classroom.  Mind you, these children are 7-8 years old.  In both cases, the teacher was present in the classroom.  Read these two reports:

School officials suspended the teacher indefinitely and are investigating.  They sent a letter of apology to understandably irate parents. 

I post this here because the same thing could well happen in other areas, including Maryland.  We can thank the cultural morass at large for fomenting this sex abuse of children.  And yes, it is abuse, not merely "sex acts".  If this is true, those children who performed oral sex (how would they know how to do that?) were raped by their teacher.  The news reports are talking of "firing".  I think in terms of criminal prosecution, and I hope the parents pursue it.

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