Saturday, January 1, 2011

Fat-Police-Nazis Agents Strike In Baltimore

Remember yesterday's post, where I said we'd better watch out for the Fat Police soon to come our way?  My bad!  They're already here!  In October, the Baltimore City Health Department issued its first "environmental citation for repeat violation".  The hapless violator is ironically named "Healthy Choice".   They've been slapped with a $100 fine and were told that another violation could result in their being shut down.

That's right - shut down!  That means years of hard work and life savings put into a venture can go up in smoke because of an artificially-contrived standard that itself is  in complete violation of the United States Constitution.  What have we come to, in this country?  Yet there are a gazillion of these progressive lemmings in what is laughingly referred to as "The Free State" waxing gleeful and self-righteous about this ever-increasing governmental encroachment into our lives. 

And, as we see in the previous post, they progressives/socialists, led by their Poster Couple, want more!

Boys and girls, can we all say "Sieg Heil!" ?

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