Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Another High-Ranking Planned Parenthood Doctor Caught Dealing For Babies' Bodies

Last week the Center for Medical Progress released a video showing that Dr. Deborah Nucatola dealt in parts from bodies of aborted babies.  Today they released another video showing that yet another Planned Parenthood doctor doing the same thing.  Watch the video below.  She too admits to tailoring abortion procedures to get marketable "specimens" from the children that they murder.

This one is Dr. Mary Gatter, President of the Planned Parenthood Medical Directors' Council.  Towards the end she jokes about getting enough from selling the poor babies to buy a Lamborghini.  Until now, I never heard of the thing.  I just googled it and it is a luxury Italian sports car.  That would require quite a few "30 pieces of silver" to get one of those things so that requires quite a bit of bloodshed to purchase.

Watch it, and notice how Cecile Richards is shown to be the leader of liars and murderers.  I wouldn't be a bit surprised if more videos are to come.

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  1. But with the run away Justice Dept. that we now have under Obama, what will happen to these people other than a slight slap on the wrist for 'show.' They rightfully should all be in jail, but that will NEVER happen.


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