Thursday, July 30, 2015

Vatican Progressives' Two-Pronged Attack On The Faith

From within the Vatican - and it probably originates all the way from the pope - there seems to be a duo-faceted attack on the faith.  On the one hand, we see the pope shilling for population control vis-a-vis "sustainable developement.

Let's be clear.  That is what he is in fact doing.  Through various Vatican meetings (many of them quite recent) he has lobbied for the acceptance of the "Sustainable Development Goals" as promulgated by the United Nations.  I wrote last week about that meeting of mayors that he hosted as did my colleague at Les Femmes.  In that meeting he constantly harped on "sustainable development" while praising the pro-abortion mayors as "consciences of humanity".  I point out now that Laudato Si is chock full of references to "sustainable development".

Michael Hichborn at Lepanto Institute released a piece to ask "Why Is The Vatican Pushing Communist Goals".  Writing in advance of yet another meeting in November that is designed to explore ways to brainwash our children into being "sustainable development" lemmings, he shows the striking parallels between the UN's goals, Agenda 21 and the Communist Manifesto.  I shudder to think how they will work all this into the Ordinary Synod on the Family (that is, sin-nod 2) next October.  But for good measure, the president of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, Bishop Sanchez (that's right!  Him!) took a preemptive pot-shot at those of us who point out the evils of the United Nations (or, Useless Nicompoops).  For the record, I'm a big critic of the UN and yet I don't make my living from oil, as if that were a bad thing.  I mention it just to show the banality of Sanchez's "damage control".

So much for the "population control" and "sustainability" front.  Now let's look at the direct attack on the family and sexual morality.  We saw a major push to undermine Church tradition in last October's sin-nod.  You might recall that when that closed the pope gave a talk in which he said that we had a "year to mature" in anticipation for "sin-nod 2".  I wrote a bit on the "shadow council" that took place at the Vatican about six weeks ago.  Today reported and commented on additional details of that meeting.  They are correct in that what came from the "shadow council" truly is heresy of darkness.  As you read that, it seems like a throwback to gobblygoop from the 1960s all over again.  Since none of these participants have been ousted from any positions, we must conclude that their heresies are tolerated by the Vatican, if not embraced.

I suspect we'll see these two facets of the progressive attack on the Church in the upcoming sin-nod.   Keep those prayers and Rosaries coming!

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  1. "Let's be clear. That is what he is doing."
    Yup. No time to rewrite this, so I'll just repost my comment from another blog that was discussing Cupich's diminishment of abortion. It's relevant:
    I think another motive for the diminishing of the abortion issue is climate change, and that the Seamless Garment-ish argument is good cover.

    Their (Francis, Cupich, et al) unshakeable belief in Climate Change and their unspoken adherence to its "ultimate solution"--stemming, and ultimately reducing, the global population, permeates everything they think and do. (I'm not denying climate change, I'm just dismayed at the obsession with it, absent more studies and possible alternate methods and solutions to employ.)

    So they are driven to divert on abortion, and will divert when it comes to chemical birth control. Ultimately, they'll most likely covertly agree with programs that limit the # of, and spacing between, children.

    And ladies, consider whom is most affected. We are--physically, emotionally, and spiritually, by the population reduction schemes. Be it the poisoning of our bodies, the ripping of children from womb, or control by the state in the spacing and number of children, I'm pretty sure Francis and Cupich are not concerned about us, in fact, we "rabbit breeders" are part of the problem, and are, in their eyes, the enemy of Gaia.


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