Sunday, July 12, 2015

More On The Blasphemy From Bolivia

This past Friday I wrote a bit about the blasphemous "crucifix" offered to the Pope by Bolivian president Evo Morales.  In the blogosphere there was doubt as to whether or not the Pope looked favorably upon that monstrosity.  Subsequent events indicate that he did.

The pope also gave an address to a summit of "social justice" activists.  The full text can be found on Whispers In The Loggia.  This blogger points out that this address of the pope was actually written out, complete with footnotes; it's not just some "off-the-cuff" production.  I urge you to read it.  Quite frankly, it resembles something we might have expected at some community-organizing ACORN convention.

In the first section, he asks a series of questions, each starting with the phrase "do we realize that something is wrong" then names some social ills.  None of these questions touches upon the millions of unborn children being slaughtered in the womb.  We see no mention of the ever-increasing usage of contraception and sterilization.  Neither do we see any mention of the homosexual assault upon marriage.  Of all the things that the pope lists as "intolerable" these mortal sins should top the list, for in addition to endangering the souls of all who commit these sins, they also undermine the moral underpinnings of any society, regardless of the economic condition of that society.

What you have here is a thinly-disguised commercial for Laudato Si and for world-wide government - a socialistic one at that.  Time had some commentary on this exchange.  Yes the author is waxing lyrical about the progressive elements in the events of that day.  Sadly I can understand how she would draw such conclusions.

There is a rather distasteful twist to the bauble saga.  Before he left Bolivia, he placed the "hammer/sickle crucifix" and its matching medal at the foot of a statue of Our Lady.  It would have been far more appropriate to lay these abominations in the nearest trash can.  So now not only is Jesus blasphemed but His mother is similarly mocked as well.

It now seems that what we once thought were simply unfortunate gaffes and media spins were in fact representative of what the progressives in the Vatican really want - and that probably includes the pope!  We do have Christ's promise that the pope will never solemnly promulgate error, but that doesn't mean havoc cannot otherwise be wreaked.  Pray, frequent the Sacraments and study the traditions of our faith.

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