Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Is The Archdiocese Of Washington Providing Benefits For Same-Sex Couples?

First, ht to An Archdiocese of Washington Catholic.  While he may have been late with this, I missed it altogether.  But this blooper by Cardinal Wuerl is a whopper, and that's saying something, coming from him.

LifeSiteNews alerted us all yesterday about Wuerl's reaction to the Supreme Court ruling.  Recall that during a Mic'd Up presentation in the wake of the #mowwidge ruling, Michael Voris wondered aloud where the Archdiocese of Washington might be.  Well, maybe this is at least a partial answer to the question.  In typical double-speak fashion, Wuerl is being very coy about the matter - so coy, though, that he may be tipping his hand a tad.

He said, "On a very practical level, there is a concern about the new definition of ‘spouse’ and its legal ramifications.  In this area for example, we must find a way to balance two important values, the provision of appropriate health care benefits for all Church personnel including their spouses, and the avoidance of the perception that by doing so we accept a definition of marriage and spouse contrary to faith and revealed truth."  Whoa!  Let's unpack this mess, shall we?
  • If a given "Church personnel" is in a same-sex #mowwidge, his/her accomplice in perversion is not - repeat, NOT - a "spouse"!  The "Church personnel" and accomplice in mortal sin are endangering their souls and each other's by virtue of their #mowwidge and attendant perversions.
  • Since when is it an "important value" of the Church to affirm people in mortal sin?  I would think the reverse would be true, to dissuade them from their sin and lead them to repentance so that they don't wind up in hell.
  • Wuerl claims he would like to avoid the "perception" of "accepting a definition of marriage and spouse contrary to faith".  In this case, "perception" is not the problem; it's the reality of the chancery's capitulation to gay-nazis' bastardization of "mowwidge.  If he really wants to avoid the "perception", he must rediscover the Faith and grow a backbone to defend Christ's teachings.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are not finished for there is more double-speak gobblygoop to decipher.

"The law of the land is the law of the land.  We certainly follow what the law says. That doesn’t mean we change the word of God. That doesn’t mean we change the scriptures, or the church’s millennia-long tradition of what marriage is... The Church has better things to do than spend millions of dollars on lawsuits.  The Church will abide by the law."
  • "The law of the land is the law of the land" says absolutely nothing.  It's like saying "the truck is the truck."  So what?
  • "We certainly follow what the law says.  That doesn't mean we change the word of God."  Well no.  But if the "law that you're following" is directly opposed to the Word of God, the act of following that law puts you in disobedience to the word of God.
  • "The Church has better things to do than spend millions of dollars on lawsuits."  So just put in that pinch of incense to the idols of the moment.  Is that how the Church Militant offers homage to the One True God?
  • "The Church will abide by the law."  Well, there you have it!  The stage for capitulation is set!
I wrote a few weeks ago how Cardinal Wuerl breathed down the neck of one of his priests who decried the #mowwidge nonsense from the State of Maryland.  Of course all this puts his maltreatment of Father Guarnizo in new light, doesn't it?

There are some courageous bishops who know their calling.  Recall Bishop Michael Jarrell and Bishop Edward Slattery.  I'll post more of these fine examples as I learn of them.

Fellow Catholics of the Archdiocese of Washington, please recall these posts the next time the Cardinal's Appeal rolls around.

Note - I was just reminded that the ADW cut spousal benefits in 2010.  However, one may well wonder if they are being reinstated.  If not, why the verbal gymnastics?

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