Friday, July 10, 2015

Pope Francis And The Bolivian Blasphemy

By now most of us are aware that when Pope Francis visited Bolivia, the president, Evo Morales presented to him some bauble that can only be called blasphemous.  A "hammer and sickle crucifix" was hung about his neck and he was presented a mock "crucifix" showing Our Lord crucified upon the hammer and sickle combination that is the symbol of modern communism.  Yes, it's the same design that was on the flag of the former Soviet Union.  The Catholic blogosphere was abuzz with the news and subsequent commentary.  I remained silent for some of the accounts of the pope's reaction were mutually contradictory.

One Peter Five goes into an analysis of the situation.  Some others had opined that the pope voiced disapproval of that "gift".  However, there was examination of both the video and the audio of that exchange.  It appears that the pope did not disapprove of it at all.  In fact, he posed for photos while he was holding it.  The Gateway Pundit has video of the exchange on its site.  They also report the resultant Vatican damage-control spin, saying that the exchange "represents dialogue and commitment to freedom and progress".  History proves that "freedom" and "socialism" are mutually exclusive.

Even that pales in comparison with the blasphemy that was presented to Pope Francis.  And why did a socialist dare to present that crap to this pontiff?  I daresay that he wouldn't have dared to present it to either of the previous two pontiffs.

I suppose the blasphemous trash is accurate in one respect.  Millions upon millions of Christians were slaughtered by communists.  Perhaps we can bear that in mind as we look upon Jesus impaled on the symbols of that demon-spawned mindset.

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