Thursday, July 2, 2015

Derelict Bishops And Sodomy Supremacy

This week's Mic'd Up is titled "Sodomy Supremacy".  Michael Voris and his crew were at the steps of the Supreme Court when the Obergefell v Hodges ruling was announced.  At 3:20 he asked "where was the Archdiocese of Washington DC?"  He was shocked at their absence.  I'm not.  In fact, I rejoice that they weren't there for some of them might well have joined in the jubilation of #mowwidge being deemed a "civil right".

Prior to that Voris had spoken earlier of corrupt clergy softening the minds and morals of Catholics with thinly-disguised heresy.  But here in the Archdiocese of Washington it's been worse than that under the tenures of Cardinals Wuerl and McCarrick.  I wrote a post about this Wednesday after I became aware of a slap-down received by a faithful priest within this Archdiocese; and this is a recent event.  I had also reminded all of the despicable way that the Archdiocese treated Father Marcel Guarnizo.  I had linked the post to my Facebook page and received a comment from a friend relating how two other priests were similarly mistreated by Wuerl: one in this archdiocese and the other in Pittsburgh.  For the high crime and misdemeanor of preaching against immorality they were forced to undergo "psychological evaluation".  Fortunately they are now reincardinated in more deserving dioceses.  I am aware of a priest who was silenced after he had the audacity to teach classes on Humanae Vitae; as he is still in this diocese as a priest I'll give no further details.  So that makes five priests - and those are only the ones of whom we are aware.

Anyway, please watch the video.  I'll put up more commentary later as time permits.

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  1. Good and faithful priests are under fire big time, depending on the Diocese and the Bishop they are under. These brave and courageous men are heroes for Christ in His Church, and are up against our now totally corrupt society and mostly corrupt Bishops. As LES FEMMES stated (which she is so right on) they are between a rock and a hard place. We need to pray without ceasing for these brave soldiers for Christ. They are now on the front lines of this war and fighting enemies of Christ from the outside and from the inside as well. They are in my rosary daily.


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