Sunday, July 5, 2015

What Are You Doing About The Impending KofC Rosensteel Debacle?

Last week I wrote about an impending scandalous situation at Knights of Columbus in Silver Spring Maryland.  The event is scheduled for August 8th.  I've contacted several officials there; the feedback I've been getting is that they intend to allow this event to proceed.

I'm troubled by that, but I'm more troubled by the silence from those whom I thought would be zealous for the honor of the Knights and for the Church.  In my last post I provided contact information for all to register their protests. I must ask if that has been done.  I realize that some may be reticent to act, since this situation is "in our back yards" and implicates friends, colleagues, etc. Perhaps they are cowed by the specter of gay-nazi retribution.  They may hope that this will "fall by the wayside", "blow over", "be forgotten", etc. Well, guess what?

While I draw the breath of life, that won't happen!  We will face this!  We will deal with this!  Get used to it!

If some of us lack the will, determination and discipline to face this now, we will not withstand the tyranny when it literally comes to bash down our own doors.  Again, I beg you to take the recommended actions - or your own - now.

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  1. There is no point fighting for this organization anymore. From my observation, they have been compromised at the very top for many years. Heck, Carl Anderson is a cafeteria man himself. He is probably a Freemason in disguise. He runs around the country giving talks on Fatima, saying that there is nothing to see. He even wrote a book defending this position. If the knights do not publish material against freemasonry on their site, who should? Are they calling men to arms against Sodom and Gomorrah? No. "Everything is awesome when you are living a dream". Honestly, it is foolish and foolhardy to think that appeals of any nature can change the Knights of Columbus. It is dead and will remain dead. They have not guarded Holy Mother Church, nor have they provided a haven for men seeking shelter from the allures of freemasonry. Instead, they have become entangled with the very principles which they were formed to fight against. It is OK to let the knights die off. I have come to terms with that. My journey to this reality started about six years ago with John Salza's brilliant expose on the Knights. You should find his site and read all he has to offer.

    We must remember that those who do not fight against the slander made against Christianity are in effect part of the cancer.

    Join Knights of Columbus they said to me, but nobody wants to go out with a sword and a shield. Instead, they seek new ways to collect dues and gain more members. What has become of our men? They are not the Knights of Columbus, I can assure you.


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