Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Why #mowwidge Will Never Cut It

An excellent video.

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  1. There is an end game to this and I doubt seriously whether it really has anything to do with 'non discrimination' or 'equal rights'. Interestingly enough, a common ploy of Communists is to bring down the morals of a culture to weaken society as a whole. It's easier that way to control them. The people in power now have no interest in helping the culture to become healthier, it's all about dumbing us down to become more 'controllable'. The polygamists are already seeking legal status, with other unnatural groups right behind them. This one ruling will create total chaos of which they are astutely aware, in fact I do believe that's the general idea. A sublimely evil and intentional plan. And......interestingly enough as well, Sr. Lucia of Fatima said that Our Lady told her that the final battle between Christ and Satan would be about 'marriage and the family.' Looks like we're here already.


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